The Catalog shows all the books, journals and the many available notebooks can be viewed and/or downloaded for future reference simply by clicking on the catalog image.  There are clckable links within the catalog for easy access to the books and referenced information.

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Helijn Publishing Catalog    



The catalog is great because it summarizes the available books, journals and notebooks; but, there is limited space.  You can access more information through the links listed below.

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New Releases
Trains, Animals, and more … each new release is linked to the preivous release. The link is to the "first" release. The new releases are added to the original notebook covers posts that relate to the new releases.  (The original notebook posts are listed below.)


5 Things
Blank Comic Books
Doodles Journal
My Story Book

Covers with Graphic Designs
50 US States
Chinese Hanzi Character
Travel Series

Covers with Patterns
Key Maze
Moroccan Trellis
Polka Dots

Covers with Abstract, Illustrations & Photos
Animals (Birds, Insects, Large Mammals, Small Mammals)
Buildings (Barns, Castles, Fortresses, Hallways, Landmarks & Monuments, Lighthouses, Windows & Doors)
Cityscapes (Canals & Waterways, Restaurants, Streets & Storefronts)
Flowers (Close-Ups, Container Flowers, Flowers in General, Roses, Wildflowers)
Food (Coming)
Landscapes (More coming!)
Plants & Trees
Quotes & Words
Sports (More coming!)
Transportation (Airplanes, Bicycles, Boats, Trains & Streetcars)

Notebooks with Simple Color Covers

Misc Notebooks
Task List Planners
Project/Holiday Planners
Bucket List Planners
Cornell Notes

Misc Info
Design Your Own Cover
Notebook Pages (Interiors)


Booklets Included In Catalog

Here are some of the little booklets are included within the catalog.

5 Things Benefits - Downloadable PDF Doodling Benefits - Downloadable PDF Creating a Picture Book - Downloadable PDF Cornell Notes - Downloadable PDF
5 Things Benefits Doodling Benefits Story Development & Sketching Cornell Notes
Daily Planner - Downloadable PDF Project-Holiday Sample - Downloadable PDF Holiday Sample  - Downloadable PDF Bucket List - Downloadable PDF
Daily Planner Sample Project Planner Sample Holiday Planner Sample Bucket List Sample
My Story Book - Downloadable PDF My Story Book - Downloadable PDF Doodles Samples - Downloadable PDF  
My Story Book Sample – Cat My Story Book Sample – Pirate Doodle Sample