For those using the blank journals, here are some line templates to help with writing in a straight line.  The templates lines are based on journal sizes.  There are 3 line sizes…narrow, medium and wide.  There are 2 template for 8.5 x 11.  One is a borderless template which means the lines go to the edge of the piece of paper.  The other template provides a quarter inch margin for those using a printer that does not have borderless printing capacities.

6×9 Blank Notebooks/Journal
6×9 Wide Rule
6×9 Medium Rule
6×9 Narrow Rule

8.5×11 Blank Notebooks/Journal – Borderless
8.5×11 Wide Rule – Borderless
8.5×11 Medium Rule – Borderless
8.5×11 Narrow Rule – Borderless

8.5×11 Blank Notebooks/Journal
8.5×11 Wide Rule
8.5×11 Medium Rule
8.5×11 Narrow Rule