Disc Bound Notebooks

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Like spiral notebooks, but want the flexiblity of a 3 ring binder.  Well, the disc bound system combines the best features of both the spiral and the 3-ring binders. How does it work?

Bookmark Sale

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To celebrate the release of the ‘Doodles’ and the ‘5 Things’ journals, Legacy is having a 20% off sale for a limited time. Checkout the Printable Bookmarks here!

Doodle Journals

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The “Doodles” Journal. Challenge yourself to create something every day, to use your imagination. Sketch something you saw during the day. Create a mini-story with sketches. Map out a project. The doodle journal was designed to incorporate 2 skills – … Continued

5 Things Journals

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This journal was designed to help with living intentionally and on purpose. The 5 things include: Random Acts of Kindness, Being Grateful, Learning Something New, Hope and Living in the Moment. By doing the “5 Things” daily, it can transform … Continued

Printable Bookmarks

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Quick note… I found some cute printable bookmarks.  They are designed to hang over the edge of a page…so no tails to get caught on something.  So, here is the link.

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