Disc Bound Notebooks

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Like spiral notebooks, but want the flexiblity of a 3 ring binder.  Well, the disc bound system combines the best features of both the spiral and the 3-ring binders. How does it work?

Bookmark Sale

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To celebrate the release of the ‘Doodles’ and the ‘5 Things’ journals, Legacy is having a 20% off sale for a limited time. Checkout the Printable Bookmarks here!

Doodle Journals Are Coming

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Update…here is the link to the page that shows all of the colors and links to the Doodles Journal The "Doodles" Journal. Challenge yourself to create something every day, to use your imagination. Sketch something you saw during the day. … Continued

5 Things Journals

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This journal was designed to help with living intentionally and on purpose. The 5 things include: Random Acts of Kindness, Being Grateful, Learning Something New, Hope and Living in the Moment. By doing the “5 Things” daily, it can transform … Continued

Printable Bookmarks

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Quick note… I found some cute printable bookmarks.  They are designed to hang over the edge of a page…so no tails to get caught on something.  So, here is the link.

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